The Eternal Nature & Divine Potential of Man


     Your life did not begin at birth, nor will it end at death.

     You lived with God before you came to the earth.  You are His child.  He is your Father and because He loves you, He wants you to become like Him.  He has sent you here to learn how to do this.  But you cannot do it alone.  It is only through the infinite love and grace of  Jesus Christ that this is possible.

     Jesus taught this truth to His disciples. But this great knowledge about who we are and who we can become was lost after the early apostles were killed.  It has been restored in our day through a prophet of God.

     To believe in one's divine potential is the most elevating, life-changing thought conceivable.  It leads us to treat ourselves and everyone else with the respect and honor due to one who is a son or daughter of God.

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